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Security teams cant keep up with the change of pace

Attack paths, vulnerabilities, tradecraft, and tools are constantly emerging.


1337 hours to configure SCCM


Doom scrolling the internet to "catch up"


So much to do & learn


So little time

Solutions you need to survive the modern security landscape andstay afloat

  • The easiest way to deploy dev/test infrastructure. An open-source, API driven infrastructure management system.
  • Since February of 2020, Last Week in Security (LWiS) has published over 170 editions and become the leading source for curated, technical content for cybersecurity practitioners and decision makers. LWiS speaks directly to a target audience of tech-minded professionals, managers, and executives who are time crunched and rely on LWiS to inform them of the latest news, techniques, write-ups, tools, and exploits relevant to technical cybersecurity roles.
  • Are you verifying the source code for the open-source tools you're using? Are you YOLOing binaries in your client environments? We have a better way.
    Coming soon 😈

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    • Hetzner AX52, edr lab and goad running like a champ. Still the best and least buggy install of proxmox I've ever used before even getting to all the extra cool stuff 🤣

      Tzar's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
    • I could save tens of hours scrolling Twitter and just read @badsectorlabs instead and get 90% of the content that I wanted. This account is a must follow.

      n00py's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
    • I do like @badsectorlabs, you should check it out. Nice condensed report of some cool stuff that's been released through the week.

      CCob's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
    • Another great resource we use to track new attack methodologies and #exploits is the @badsectorlabs blog. If you aren't watching this, you should start!

      Sprocket Security's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
      Sprocket Security
    • is doing very good weekly curated list of most interesting tweet/tools/blogpost on pentest/RT

      Topham's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
    • Thank you :) . Ludus streamlines the deployment of complex, multi-forest labs, offering seamless management across multiple VLANs and enabling easy sharing of cyber ranges. 🔥🔥🔥

      Aleem Ladha's testimonial for Bad Sector Labs
      Aleem Ladha


Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Bad Sector Labs, our mission is to provide solutions to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of cybersecurity teams. We empower cybersecurity firms, internal security teams, and government agencies with cutting-edge technology to simulate and combat evolving threats in cyberspace.
  • We are a team of ex-DoD cyber professionals who have spent time on both red and blue teams. Now we are passionate about delivering the products that we always wanted in our previous roles.
  • An API driven infrastructure management system built on top of proxmox. Ludus takes the repetitive work out of setting up and managing infrastructure for developers, QA, red teams, blue teams, and every color in between. This allows your team to focus on the tradecraft instead of playing sysadmin.
  • We monitor hundreds of sources! We curate the internet daily throughout our regular workday. When Sunday or Monday arrives, we review the articles, tooling, news, etc. Our manual workflow ensures the blog contains valuable content before delivering it to you.
  • All good! send us a note 👉 info@badsectorlabs[dot]com